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16 Criminal Mexican Illegal Aliens Arrested During Milwaukee ICE Raids This Week

Kudos to Trump and to our ICE agents for these raids! Many more such raids are needed! By Caroline May at The Daily Caller

Vice President Pence Promised To Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abortion — But It’s Already Not Allowed

An excellent piece by Rebecca Harrington! She makes it clear that 2.5 million women/girls use Planned Parenthood every year. Two-thirds of these patients rely on Medicaire to pay for abortions, etc. The one-third that doesn’t–825,000 women–pay out-of pocket. By Rebecca Harrington at

Trump Right About Legal Authority To Ban Muslim Immigrants (from a piece at Mint Press News on December 12, 2015)

NOTE: This piece by Ben Swann is just over a year old but it’s worth reading again given what’s happening. The President has the right to ban Muslim immigrants including those with green cards. By Ben Swann at

Just 14 Years Ago, Democrats Supported Cutting Off Visas To Dangerous Countries (from a piece at Conservative Review on September 20, 2016)

NOTE: This was a piece from Conservative Review on September 20, 2016. It’s important to today’s news. So, what happened? It’s a numbers game, in my opinion. The left (who took over the Democrat Party from centrists) wanted high-breeding aliens to populate its ranks. They already had the illegal alien Mexicans. Adding the alien Muslims…
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ICE Agents Cheer Trump’s EOs, Orders To Recommence Enforcing Immigration Laws

And WE cheer our ICE agents! There are by my estimate between 50 and 70 million illegal aliens in the U.S., not 11 million as told us ad nauseam by the MSM and politicians. ICE needs to arrest as many as possible and start A.T.E.–attrition thru enforcement, aka self-deportation. By Paul Bedard at Washington Examiner…
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Trump EO Bans Green Card-Holding Aliens From Muslim Countries From Reentering U.S.

Wow! A terrific EO, in my opinion! This protects the homeland from green card-holding Islamists who’ve sneeked thru our lax Immigration system! By Doina Chiacu at Reuters Much thanks to for posting this story.

Trump Signs Important Immigration EOs Expanding Power Of ICE Agents

We support this move by Trump which was cheered by ICE agents. For eight long years, they haven’t been allowed to enforce our laws. Now they can. By Tal Kopan at CNN Much thanks to for posting this headline story!