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IRCOT Alert: SB 4–The Anti-Sanctuary City Bill–May Get Watered Down By Speaker Straus & Co RINOs In Texas House

Here is an alert from IRCOT’s Executive Director, Maria Martinez: SB 4, The Sanctuary City Bill, is finally moving to the House for a floor vote on Wednesday, April 26th. As written, the Bill language is fairly strong but we fully expect amendments will be offered during the floor vote by both Republicans and Democrats.…
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CA-Based National Union Of Healthcare Workers Declares ‘Sanctuary’ For Illegals Including Felonious Aiding And Abetting

The above is my version of title by Sean Higgins at Washington Examiner. These leftists are simply nuts but they (this union’s leaders) will have to face justice when they are indicted by the Feds for aiding and abetting which violates Title 8 Section 1324(a). This is a federal felony. My thanks to for…
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Rep. Steve King: Trump Needs To Do More On Immigration Or He’ll Lose His Base

By Erin Murphy at Sioux City Journal. Rep. King is absolutely right. However, I believe the Courts shot down the DAPA Amnesty. It’s DACA that is still alive! My thanks to

5 Border Horrors Establishment Media Mostly Ignore

By Brandon Darby and Ildefonso Ortiz at Breitbart. Another eye-opening report by Darby and Ortiz! If most Americans knew what was going on down in the Border area in Texas and Arizona, they would boot the RINOs and elect law-and-order Conservatives to Congress. My thanks to for posting this report.

AG Sessions Says ‘I Can’t Imagine The Dems Would Shut Down The Government Over An Objection To Building A Down Payment On A Wall That Can End The Lawlessness’

The above is my version of title by Mallory Shellbourne at The Hill. AG Sessions is only partly correct. Building the wall will only prevent millions of NEW illegal aliens from breaking into our country. What Sessions didn’t mention is the fact that they and lawlessness they’ve brought are already here to the tune of…
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Open Borders RINO Rep. McCaul Wants To Put Brakes On Border Wall Funding

The above is my version of title by Will Racke at The Daily Caller. Racke won’t use the term “RINO” which is unfortunate because it’s the RINOs who are pushing against this effort by Trump. To say that many or even most House RINOs are against funding the wall would be an understatement. RINOs answer…
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Chicago Will Give Illegals, Homeless And Felons ID Cards

By Heather Cherone at These leftists are idiots! Anyway, Illinois has 7 to 8 cities that are Sanctuary Cities including Chicago. The state should have federal money taken away. My thanks to for posting this story.