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Will The GOP Fund Planned Parenthood But Not The Border Wall?

By Terence P. Jeffrey at CNS News As ridiculous as it sounds, the answer is “yes”. The RINOs running the GOP will run it into the ground and give back the Senate and possibly the House to Pelosi & Co next year–just to please their handlers, the Chamber of Commerce and BigAg in an attempt…
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The White House: Sanctuary City Officials Who Authored Policies Protecting Illegal Aliens “Have The Blood Of Dead Americans On Their Hands”

The above is my version of title by the AP. Wow! I’ve never seen a White House–with the President’s stamp of approval–make such statements. These are like statements I make on my show! Kudos to The White House for going on the attack against the radical leftists trying to use the courts to stop the…
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Left-Wing Judge Orrick III Bundled $200,000 For Obama’s Reelection And Donated More Than $30,000 To Groups Supporting Him

The above is my version of title by Fox Insider. I’m sure that more info will come out on this judge. Kudos to the Fox Insider for pointing this out.

DHS Chief Kelly Responds Tough To Left-Wing Federal Judge Orrick III Who Temporarily Blocked Trump’s Sanctuary City Funding EO

The above is my version of title by Patrick Tucker at THIS is what we need from Chief Kelly! Kudos to DHS Chief Kelly! Let’s hope if this gets to the SCOTUS that Gorsuch gives Trump and America “a win” on this! My thanks to for posting this story.

Anti-1070 Left-Wing Judge William Orrick III Temporarily Blocks Trump’s EO On Sanctuary City Money

The above is my version of title by Sudhin Thanawala at the AP. This ridiculous ruling will be overturned, I believe. The left has declared war on the nation. It’s time they were defeated. And you don’t do that by “being nice”! My thanks to for headlining this story.

Kerman, CA Cockfighting Ring Busted, 1 Person Charged With Felony Cruelty To Animals, 114 Birds Seized, 25 Dead

The above is my version of title by Cory James at California has the 4th toughest laws against animal cruelty. Illinois is #1 followed by Oregon and Maine. New York is #40 and Kentucky has the weakest laws. The Humane Society says: The states that have the fewest penalties for cockfighting are: Alabama, Mississippi,…
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Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd Blasts Paul Ryan For Delaying Vote On Wall Funding Till 2018

The above is my version of title by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. Ryan is a stooge for the Chamber. The Chamber doesn’t want a wall or a double-layered fence. The Chamber wants Open Borders. The time has come for Ryan to be replaced with a Conservative, someone like Walter B. Jones or Justin Amash.…
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