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Convict O.J. Simpson, Having Served Just 9 Years Of 33-Year Sentence, Could Be Released In July

The above is my title by Mike Parker at We can only hope that he is hounded for the rest of his days. A double-murderer has NO business being free to live in our nation! Shame on the Nevada Parole Board for making this decision!  

Black Gang Member In Prison In Louisiana For Murder Of Female Exchange Student Now Indicted In Jessica Chambers’ Burning Death In Mississippi

The above is my version of p.c. title by Elliott McLaughlin and Steve Almasy at CNN. Death will be too good for Quentin Tellis.    

Pinellas County Sheriff Gualtieri Lays Into Media, Social Media For Blaming Deputies For 3 Hijacker-Girls’ Drowning Deaths (video)

Watch this video from Sheriff Gualtieri and his deputies deserve our thanks. Crime is rampant in Pinellas County and they have their hands full. Minors are stealing cars and committing other felonies and parents are doing little to stop it. So the public then wants the police and deputies to “become the parents”! That’s…
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Conservatives Should Ignore/Boycott Hollywood’s Big Night

By Dave Levine Tonight is the night for “limousine liberals” and the foolish Republicans who waste their time supporting them (through watching/ratings) at the Oscars. I haven’t watched this unspectacular event for over 35 years. It was always so one-sided politically, so far to the left, that I ended up boycotting the films that were…
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Santa Paula, CA’s Illegal Alien Population (80%) ‘Gripped With Fear’ Over Possible ICE Raids

The above is my version of title by Brittny Mejia at the pro-lawbreaker L.A. Times. In one of THE most biased/slanted “reports” I’ve read, reporter Mejia completely fails to mention the fact that illegal immigration–running the Border or overstaying one’s visa–is a federal crime (Title 8 Section 1325 of the USC) and that a large…
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Mexican Illegal Alien In Hit-And-Run Head-On Into Car Driven By Teen Girl And Friend, Totals Car Then Runs Away

The above is my version of title by KETV News. Alejandro D. Lara-Lozano should get jail or prison time once convicted, then ICE will deport him. Illegal immigration IS NOT “a victimless crime”! It’s time other Americans woke up and got active in calling for the deportation of illegal aliens. Much thanks to for…
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James City County Police Arrest Convicted Illegal Alien Felon From Trinidad/Tobago For Crack Cocaine, Firearms Violation

The above is my version of title by WY Daily Staff. Good work, JCCPD! Now, no bail and no plea bargaining! Much thanks to for posting this story.