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AZ House Approves Bill That Would Require Local Governments To Comply With DHS/ICE On Illegal Aliens

The above is my version of title by Naomi Gingold at KJZZ. Kudos to the AZ House and we hope this passes the AZ State Senate. My thanks to for posting this story.  

Mexican Illegal Deported 3 Times With Long Rap Sheet Rearrested In Kershaw County, South Carolina Will Be Detained On ICE Hold

The above is my version of title by WIS Staff. This is yet another example of Obama’s failed policies on Immigration. BP agents were told to “look the other way”. DUI Illegals weren’t considered “a priority” for deportation. Much thanks to for posting this story.

Pelosi Looking For A Way To Impeach Trump (video)

The above is my version of title by The Right Scoop. I hope the Dems try to impeach him–they’ll fall flat on their lefty faces! The only way a president can get impeached is if his party turns on him. His numbers are way up, especially with Conservatives.  

Former Trump Adviser Betsy McCaughey: Paul Ryan Should Step Down If He Can’t Repeal Obamacare

The above piece by Sean Moran at Breitbart. Good move by Ms. McCaughey! Ryan is an impediment to getting things done! He’s a shill for the Chamber. The Chamber can go to hell!  

CT’s Deported Illegal Alien Suspect In Murder, Attempted Murder, Kidnapping

My version of title by Bob Price at Breitbart. Those CT elected officials who made the state an illegal Sanctuary State must be held accountable! My thanks to for posting this story.

When Will ICE Begin Massive Raids On Illegal Alien-Heavy States And Businesses That Have Hired Them?

By Dave Levine At present, ICE is concentrating on trying to arrest and deport the so-called “3 million illegal alien criminals” in the U.S. This includes the more than 1 million illegal alien gang members and 2 million other criminal illegals not affiliated with gangs–child molesters, rapists and other criminals. What it doesn’t include are…
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Trump Administration Seeking To Loosen Hiring Requirements For BP Agents Such As Not Requiring A Lie-Detector Test By Applicants

The above is my version of title by Molly Stone at This is a bad idea! Standards for screening/vetting BP agents must not be weakened! My thanks to for posting this story.