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Fox News’ Legal Expert Gregg Jarrett: Judge Orrick Who Blocked Trump’s Sanctuary City Order Should Have Recused Himself

The above is my version of title by Gregg Jarrett at Fox News. Wow! Jarrett impresses me a lot! He knows the law and the law is behind Trump.  

Brooklyn D.A. Erik Gonzalez Is Ready To Commit Federal Felonies To Protect His Illegal Alien Friends

The above is my version of title by Rebecca Ibarra at Gonzalez is an Acting D.A. He should be disbarred and run out of town on a rail! My thanks to for posting this disgusting story.

The GOP Will Now ‘Own’ Obamacare If Ryancare II Passes

by Dave Levine The Dave Levine Show opposes Ryancare II or whatever you want to call it for one simple reason: It does not REPEAL Obamacare! The lying bastards in the so-called Freedom Caucus tell us, “Yes, we lied to you when we said it was a repeal but we will eventually repeal it.” Sorry…
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AP Writer Jim Vertuno Claims ‘Texas Doesn’t Currently Have Any Sanctuary Cities’ Which Is A Bald-Faced Lie

by Dave Levine I’ve seen lies in my time but the one told by AP writer Jim Vertuno is not only a bald-faced lie but one that seeks to conceal the truth from readers. Here’s his statement: “Texas doesn’t currently have any Sanctuary Cities…” There is one site that is known nationally as “THE site…
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Trump Considering Breaking Up 9th Circuit Court

The above is my version of title by Sarah Westwood at Washington Examiner. My favorite line in Westwood’s report? “Perceived liberal leanings”. How about left-wing rulings? How about THE most overturned appeals court in the nation?   “Perceived liberal leanings” my rear end! My thanks to for posting this report.

7 Illegals Flee BP In SUV, Crash Thru Guardrail Down Embankment, All Were Arrested, Some Injured at Otay Mesa, CA

The above is my non-p.c. version of title by Charmaine Ong at ABC 7. Good work by the BP who have the legal right to work up to 100 miles into the interior of the U.S.! My thanks to for posting this story.  

Idiots In Freedom Caucus Fall For Ryancare II Bill Even Though It Is Not A Full Repeal, Break Promise With Voters

The above is my version of title by Cristina Marcos at The Hill. There’s still a chance this p.o.s. bill can be defeated. Giving RINO obstructionist Ryan a victory would be a huge mistake. Moderates aren’t happy that it will become the GOP’s baby if it passes. My thanks to for posting this story.