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86-Year-Old Woman Sexually Assaulted, Murdered And Other Elderly Women Sexually Assaulted By Black Or Latino 18-Year-Old In Custody In Sacramento Area

The above is my version of title by Macy Jenkins at CBS 13. CBS is THE WORST MSM outlet in refusing to report the race or ethnicity of perps. Read the Comments following the story. They are 100% angry readers that want to know about the perp. CBS is deliberately shielding that scumbag’s identity. My…
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Oklahoma Republican State Rep. Bobby Cleveland Files Bill To Give Civil Asset Forfeiture Seizures To Help Pay For The Border Wall

The above is my version of title by World Staff Reports at A terrific idea! Hopefully, this will spread to other Conservative states! My thanks to for posting this story.

Law And Order Shocker: Texas House Republicans Make SB 4 Stronger, Not Weaker In 94-53 Vote!

The above is my version of title by KVUE Staff and the AP. Wow! Kudos to Texas House Conservatives for strengthening SB 4 to near-1070 level! We hope it withstands any weakening back in the Senate.        

Detroit FMG Doctor Jumana Nagarwala Mutilated Girls Far Worse Than She Admits

My version of title by Ian Mason at Breitbart. She should be stripped of her medical license, tried and convicted and once she’s served her prison term, deported!  

Promise Broken? Trump DOJ Continues Suit Against Religious Groups

By Steve Deace at Conservative Review Unbelievable! Drop it, AG Sessions! Drop it! My thanks to Kelly Hubbard at Facebook for posting this piece.

Mexican Illegal Alien Who Sought Refuge In Denver Church Basement Arrested By ICE

The above is my version of title by the AP. These illegals have no shame. They KNOW they’ve broken our laws but they still try to “work the system”. Fortunately, the law is finally being enforced though not to the degree that we’d like to see. My thanks to for posting this story.

Mexican Illegal Alien Soccer Coach Charged With Child Rape After Impregnating A 15-Year-Old Girl

The above is my version of title by WTXF in Philadelphia. “He’s a good man!” doesn’t cut it, folks! If he’s illegal, he’s breaking other U.S. laws as well to live here. Raping a child or young teen will result in his going to jail. Unlike Mexico, rape is a serious crime. My thanks to…
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