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Suffolk Police And ICE Looking For 13 MS-13 Gangbangers, 4 Arrested On Long Island For Committing 7 Murders, Kidnapping, Racketeering; 10 Of The 13 Are Illegal Aliens

My version of title by Greg Cergol, Joe Valiquette and Jennifer Millman at NBC4 New York. Kudos to ICE and Suffolk Police! Illegal immigration (IE the Invasion from Mexico) IS NOT “a victimless crime”! My thanks to for posting this story.

Sessions: ‘I Have Not Met With Any Russians At Any Time To Discuss Any Political Campaign’

By Jeff Poor at Breitbart Do you believe him? Notice how Sessions worded this–“…to discuss any political campaign”. He doesn’t deny meeting with Russians.  

Cleveland Crime Spree: Black Teens Going Beserk

The above is my version of title by Peggy Gallek at FOX8 in Cleveland. This is just one spree by black teens in Cleveland. Here’s another as reported by Adam Ferisse at Getting these thugs off the streets will stop a lot of the crime in Cleveland. But there are still too many punks…
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Sessions Met Twice With Russians Last Year, Encounters He Later Did Not Disclose

By Adam Entous, Ellen Nakamira and Greg Miller at The Washington Post. This may cause hearings by Congress, I don’t know. It certainly looks really bad for Sessions. My thanks to Kelly Hubbard on Facebook for posting this story.

Hudson, NY: Illegal Alien And Detained By ICE, Wife May Also Be Deported

The above is my non-p.c. version of title by Emily Masters at His illegal alien wife dropped 2 anchor babies. They can’t be deported but she can and should be. What would happen to the children? An orphanage or foster home that’s what! Mean? Cruel? No, it’s the law. These illegals have been living…
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Illegal Alien Father Of ‘DREAMER’ Busted For Illegal Reentry 7 Times With A Felony Drug Trafficking Conviction, ‘DREAMER’ Also Arrested For Gang Affiliation In Seattle (video)

The above is my version of title by the AP. O’Reilly seems to act as though DACA is “the law”, but it isn’t–it was a “memo” from Obama to DHS to leave illegal alien children snuck across the Border with their illegal alien parents alone. DACA, hopefully, will be ruled “unconstitutional” by the courts. Many…
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Jackson, Mississippi: Activist ‘DREAMER’ Illegal Detained By ICE, Then Released, ICE Claims She’s A Visa Overstay

The above is my version of title by Sara Fowler at This is somewhat of a confusing story. We’ll have to see what ICE does about this illegal alien “DREAMER”. This comes one day after Trump’s State of the Union speech wherein he applauded “DREAMER” illegals. Days earlier, Trump stated he wouldn’t rescind Obama’s…
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