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Sanctuary Creep

By Peter Kirsanow at National Review. A terrific, short piece by Kirsanow and I agree 100%! My thanks to for posting this piece.

DHS Inspector General’s Report Finds ICE Management Of Immigration Cases ‘Ineffective’

By Ana Anguiano at KRGV. This is unacceptable! AG Sessions needs to ramp things up! My thanks to for posting this story.

Lifezette Reporter Takes Grades From A Few, Select Immigration Patriots But Leaves Out Dave Levine

The above is my version of title by Brendon Kirby at Kirby failed to include me as one of the people he selected to grade Trump so far. My grade for Trump? A “C”. Trump’s ordering Immigration laws to be enforced again and going after Sanctuary Cities and states gets an “A” grade from…
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BP Agents Arrest Mexican Illegal Alien Deported Only 10 Days Earlier

By CBS 4 News Good work by the BP! This is outrageous. There should be an automatic re-entry charge for illegals of 2 years in prison. Might that act as a deterrent? Much thanks to for posting this story.

FAIR: Cost Of Illegal Aliens To Taxpayers–Over $113 Billion Per Year–Is Much Greater Than Cost To Deport Them ($10,000 Each)

The above is my version of title by Margaret Menge at And, Menge reports, the $113 billion per year doesn’t include: -Cost of prosecuting crimes by illegals, -Loss of remittances to Mexico, Central and South America (Mexico alone gets $26 in remittances), -Cost in American worker’s wages stagnating or dropping due to 40 to…
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Alert! IRCOT Report On SB 4 Passing Texas House

From JoAnne Fleming at Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill Update – SB 4 – JoAnn Fleming Austin, Texas – The bill that would outlaw sanctuary cities in Texas – Senate Bill 4 – finally cleared its last procedural hurdle Thurs. afternoon in the Texas House after a grueling debate that stretched 16 hours through Wed. and…
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MS-13 In Control Of Areas Of Long Island, Residents Fearful But Refuse To Blame Liberals In Charge Of Los Angeles Back In 1979, Clinton, Bush And Obama For 24 Years Of Open Borders

The above is my version of title by Claudia Torrens, Frank Eltman and Colleen Long at the AP. It all started in Los Angeles in 1979. LAPD Chief Daryl Gates and the liberals running that city gave “the green light” to MS-13 to “Come and get it!”, and come they did! By 2011, we had…
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