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2 Years Ago: Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Giving State The Option To Use Nitrogen Hypoxia As A Method Of Execution

The above is my version of title from April 17, 2015 by The Guardian. I missed this story from April 2015. Oklahoma is the only state with nitrogen hypoxia as a method of execution. They also have the firing squad as another method. South Carolina considered nirogen hypoxia in 2016 but it never got to…
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1 Year Ago: South Carolina To Consider Nitrogen Hypoxia As New Method Of Execution; Theoretically It’s Painless

The above is my version of title on March 2, 2016 by Tim Smith at I missed this story last year. If true–that nitrogen deprivation is painless–then it should work as a replacement for lethal injections. Nitrogen gas is relatively easy to get and cheap. Of course, once manufacturers are targeted by the left,…
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Utah To Use Firing Squads In Upcoming Executions

By Joe Simonson at Lethal injection executions have become problematic with one or more of the drugs in the lethal cocktail not working correctly, so optional methods are necessary for justice to be carried out. One other state have firing squads as the optional form of execution: Oklahoma. Arkansas–which is under attack by the…
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Congress Investigating Taxpayer-Backed School Over Alleged Ties To Chinese Military After Fox News Report

By Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne at Fox News This is outrageous and Trump should be all over this and nip it now!

Overruled Left-Wing Obama-Appointed Judge Demands Blood And Tissue Samples From Executed Convict

The above is my version of title by The left will do anything and everything to stop executions nationwide. It’s time they were stopped so justice can at last be done for the victims’ families.  

Mass Murderer Kenneth Williams Executed By Lethal Injection Thursday In Arkansas; Defense Lawyers Blame Drug For Coughing By Inmate

The above is my version of title by Jon Herskovitz at Reuters. Arkansas Governor Asa Huthinson says normal protocol was used. I believe him. Justice has been done again in Arkansas for another family destroyed by this scumbag. My thanks to for posting this story.  

DeMint To Be Ousted From Heritage

The above is my version of title by Nancy Cook, Kenneth P. Vogel and Eliana Johnson at Politico. DeMint had a problem with some Conservative voters, particularly law-and-order folks like myself. His blind support for pro-Amnesty RINO Marco Rubio did it for me. Anyone who thinks Rubio is a Conservative after what Rubio has done…
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