August 15th: A Big Day For Conservatives

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August 15th: A Big Day For Conservatives

By Dave Levine

The special elections on August 15th are important to Conservatives, particularly the ones in Utah and Alabama.

In Utah, Constitutional Conservative and former State Senator Chris Herrod is up against rich kid Tanner Ainge and former Democrat and Provo Mayor John Curtis for Jason Chaffetz’s House seat. Herrod has the endorsement of Ted Cruz who’s been campaigning with him. Herrod is “the real thing” regarding law and order and was a recent Guest on The Dave Levine Show.

In Alabama, Trump has endorsed RINO appointee Luther Strange, a Chamber shill for Jeff Sessions’ vacated Senate seat. However, Strange is behind Judge Roy Moore and is battling Conservative Congressman Mo Brooks for the second place finish with the top two candidates going to a runoff on September 26th if neither gets 50% plus 1. Judge Moore has been in the lead in all the recent polls. Expect Brooks to endorse the Judge should Brooks not take second. McConnell and RINO orgs are pouring money into Strange’s war chest. Moore is strictly a grass roots candidate running against the Establishment that hates and fears him. Judge Moore was a recent Guest on The Dave Levine Show.

We’ve already seen a RINO (Karen Handel) win a special election this year in Georgia but it was either her or the leftist punk she was running against. That was an easy “lesser of two evils” race, very different from the Utah and Alabama special elections.

The real Conservatives vs the GOPe. That’s what it’s come to.

May the best or only Conservative win!