Arkansas Will Put To Death 7 Death Row Inmates Ahead Of Lethal Injection Moratorium

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Arkansas Will Put To Death 7 Death Row Inmates Ahead Of Lethal Injection Moratorium

The above is my version of title by Mark Berman at The Washington Post.

Berman writes the typical one-sided, bleeding heart, left-wing, “love-thy-murderer” report on Arkansas whose RINO Governor Asa Hutchinson (who I’m certainly no fan of for his stopping the highly successful So. Cal. ICE raids in the summer of 2004 as Deputy Homeland Security Chief under Bush) is wise to speed up these executions.

Arkansas also has electrocution as a secondary execution method but there’s always the chance that the ACLU can stop executions by that method.

Utah and Oklahoma authorizes firing squads in cases where lethal injection and other methods are found to be unconstitutional. That’s interesting as there is nothing in the Constitution that says electrocution or lethal injection “is cruel and unusual punishment”! It’s all in the minds of the leftists and liberals who oppose all forms of capital punishment.

Mississippi’s State Assembly passed a bill in February that would give the state firing squads as another method of execution if lethal injection is found to be unconstitutional.

Berman doubles down on the statement that “Oklahoma botched a lethal injection” and that “the inmate suffered or appeared to suffer”. There is no way to know this. What we DO know is that that Death Row inmate died after 26 minutes. There is no way to know if he “suffered” during the administering of the lethal cocktail.

Some of these p.o.s. Death Row inmates were sentenced over 25 years ago! The victim’s families need “closure” and the victims, justice.

It looks like, finally, seven such victims and the families they left behind will be getting justice in Arkansas.

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