Are You ‘Bracing’ For The G7 Summit Or Are You ‘Bracing’ For Ryan’s Parting Shot Of Amnesty At The Nation He’s Supposed To Be Serving?

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Are You ‘Bracing’ For The G7 Summit Or Are You ‘Bracing’ For Ryan’s Parting Shot Of Amnesty At The Nation He’s Supposed To Be Serving?

By Dave Levine

I’m not “bracing” for the Commie leaders in the EU meeting to push their NWO (save for Hungary, Austria, Italy and Poland which have wisely gone the nationalist route). And I’m not “bracing” for Ryan’s Amnesty coming soon here in the U.S.

I’m actively fighting Amnesty–aka the destruction of our nation by traitors on the left and in the GOP–as best I know how…on the airwaves (Wednesday mornings here on the Left Coast) and in print here on the show’s blog and in comments on other sites. Nothing should be more important to Americans and to America than defeating Amnesty!

Ryan’s Amnesty bill may or may not pass the House. If it does, every Republican voting for it will face removal on November 6th. Some, like Ryan, are retiring and don’t care if they are removed.

If Ryan’s Amnesty passes the House, it will (in my opinion) pass the Senate where there are only one or two Conservatives. The variable in the Senate is Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who has said “Immigration isn’t on the table”. But of course, it could be “on the table”!

If the Amnesty bill passes the Senate, it will be up to Trump (who wants an Amnesty for DACA illegals) to sign it and destroy the nation or do the proper thing and veto it. Some Conservative voters are saying that even if Trump were to veto the bill, they’re STILL going to “take it out on the RINOs voting for it” and that means Speaker Pelosi and Trump likely being impeached.

Assuming the bill passes the House, McConnell is “the first variable” and Trump is the second. Trump would be committing political suicide by signing it. However, he has a history of promoting Amnesty: He’s pushed Amnesty since at least March 30, 2011 when he appeared on O’Reilly. While many Trumpsters at Breitbart claim “He won’t sign a party-destroying, office-destroying bill!”, I’m not so sure.

The Koch Bros money threat is real. The power of the Chamber is real. I believe Trump WILL sign an Amnesty bill. Some are saying that there would be enough votes to override a Trump veto of the bill. That’s another variable.

Immigration Patriot orgs like NumbersUSA, CIS and FAIR are mostly silent on all this. Their leaders support The Gang of Four Amnesty bill. Some may support Trump’s Four Pillars Amnesty Plan. I hope that these “leaders” come out strong against Ryan’s Amnesty which we’ve been told is “a stripped-down version” of The Gang of Four–with only wall funding and no end to the chain migration of illegal alien’s parents and children.

It’s good to see the rage over at Breitbart over Ryan’s Amnesty plan. That plan, that bill needs to be stopped cold–for our sake and for our children’s sake!