Are We Turning Into Communist China?

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Are We Turning Into Communist China?

By Dave Levine

Noted Conservative writer and podcaster Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review believes that the U.S. is turning into Communist China. I disagree but I agree that leftist takeover of our blue states is a real danger. Rogue states like CA and NY are doing things that would have been unconscionable a few years ago but so has Congress (Jailbreak) and the President (Jailbreak).

Ordering the citizenry to “shelter-in-place” isn’t Communist China and neither is releasing dangerous felons from our prisons and jails. The Chinese would never release prisoners; they’d just kill them. Of course, our leftist governors releasing felons are doing something evil and we must force them to stop it before all prisons and jails are emptied. It’s true that the ChiComs sealed off an entire province (Wuhan) but now it turns out many Wuhaners escaped, bringing COVID-19 with them.

The one thing that will keep us “free” is our guns and Americans are buying them off the shelves again.

I don’t like where our nation is headed but Americans stupidly elected people who are NOT our friends and who are NOT protecting us! They must be forced to resign but I fear they will remain in office.

Horowitz is right about one thing–complacency at a time like this is unacceptable.