Anti-Trump Conservatives Are Key To The Election

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Anti-Trump Conservatives Are Key To The Election

By Dave Levine

If you visit Breitbart, you’d swear that Trump will have no problem getting reelected as so many there worship him. But if you look behind that site, if you peel back the veneer, I believe you’d see a lot of worried Conservatives–worried about what fellow Conservative voters who aren’t Trumpsters will do on Election Day.

Anyone with half a brain in their heads will have to admit that Democrats toss away their differences and unite behind their leader every national election, whoever that candidate is. The disheveled look of The Democrat Party gives a false impression of desperation. Believe me, they will be united behind Biden (who I believe will be the nominee).

In this way, anti-Trump Conservatives like me are key to the Election. Trump can’t win without us. But he’s failed us. He’s released over 4,000 federal drug trafficker-felons from prison and gloated about it. He allowed ICE to transport invading illegal aliens all over the country, to facilitate their invasion! He’s pushed for DACA Amnesty (a betrayal from his campaign promise) and, I believe, has plans for a General Amnesty in early 2021 if he’s reelected. The only positive thing Trump has done with Immigration is the Remain in Mexico agreement with Mexico but that was after allowing likely over 3 million new illegal aliens to invade our country. DHS has remained in control of Open Borders RINOs. The fence won’t be completed and it’s a bollard fence, easy to climb, not the double-layered fence called for by law in The Secure Fence Act. Mandatory E-verify was dropped by Trump after he was elected. Ending Birthright Citizenship was also dropped. He also promised to cut the number of H-1B visas. Instead, they’ve been increased.

But most importantly, his promise to “deport all the illegals” never happened. Only 5,400 illegal alien gangbangers have been deported but few of the 50 million here–the non-gangbanger illegals–were deported. Now, he’s pushing for “more foreign workers”. The “America First” slogan was a lie, a big, fat, lie.

The $64,000 question ishow many of us want 4 more years of lies and betrayal, Jailbreak, Javanka and, most likely, a General Amnesty for 60 million illegals? I predict that many Conservatives will either stay home or write-in a Conservative they admire rather than vote for their enemy.

Joe Biden has a General Amnesty plan, true, but so I believe does Trump, so what’s the difference? Trump can get HIS through Congress with the Republicans taking back the House. With Biden, the Republicans will never allow Amnesty to pass! How do I know the GOP will take back the House? I don’t. But I highly doubt that the Democrats will take The White House and keep the House.

I personally want “divided government” until Governor DeSantis runs in 2024 and until then, a General Amnesty MUST NOT PASS!