Anti-Lockdown Conservatives vs Liberal Nurses: Both Have Cogent Positions

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Anti-Lockdown Conservatives vs Liberal Nurses: Both Have Cogent Positions

By Dave Levine

What I’m seeing saddens me but the Anti-Lockdown protesters didn’t create this situation. The Shutdown is the Governors’ doing. They listened to the CDC and Dr. Fauci and some of these Governors went too far, extending the lockdowns to hurt Trump in his reelection bid.

Politics, economics and saving lives and protecting American lives shouldn’t conflict but sadly, they are conflicting. 30 million Americans are out-of-work and we’re going on 3 months of unemployment for many. The untold story–self-employed folks don’t get unemployment checks and there are MILLIONS of us here in the U.S.! Americans are going into debt and can’t pay their mortgages and rent and some don’t have money for food.

I see cogent arguments from both the anti-lockdown protesters (Conservatives and libertarians) as well as the liberal nurses and other (liberal) health care workers. But staying in lockdown will destroy the nation by destroying businesses and jobs for Americans; I have no doubt about this. And I’m sure a second wave of Coronavirus will hit the U.S., particularly if Trump lifts the ban on flights from Europe and China, so the nation should go back to work before the next flu hits!

A vaccine cannot come too soon but in the meantime, anti-lockdown protesters should wear masks and do social distancing while protesting in support of the rest of the nation that is doing them already. Nurses should be resting or working where they’re most needed–not out-in-the-streets stopping traffic and confronting the anti-lockdowners.

The left-wing Governors like Cuomo, Newsom and Inslee should open up their states gradually NOW, not 3 months from now!