Anti-America Kaepernick Supporters Call For NFL Boycott (UPDATED)

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Anti-America Kaepernick Supporters Call For NFL Boycott (UPDATED)

The above is my version of title by Benjamin Brown at Fox News.

There are plenty of good reasons to boycott the NFL and out-of-work QB Colin Kaepernick,  49er defensive star Eric Reid and the Seahaws’ Jeremy Lane are three of them (UPDATE: You can now add about 7 mostly black players on the Cleveland Browns team to this list). These players want to make a political statement in their business (professional fooball) by disrespecting The United States of America. That’s their right but it’s also the fans’ right to boycott the teams that those players belong to. That’s what happened to the 49ers last season.

The NFL has been considered “a patriotic business” for many years. Today, Kaepernick can’t find a team that wants him, mostly because the teams that could use his quarterback talents saw what his being on the 49ers last year did to ticket sales. Pro football is a big business. Team owners and management aren’t stupid. They also saw how his decision-making on the field has fallen in part due to injuries to his body. He simply isn’t the awesome physical specimen he once was.

As I stated, there are plenty of reasons to boycott the NFL.

Here they are:

-Political correctness has permiated the NFL

-The television commercials, particularly during the Super Bowl, are disgusting and vulgar and they’re getting more and more vulgar every year.

-The NFL allows players to look like women with hair down to their waists and beards that make Muslim beards look timid. Players are allowed to cover their bodies in tattoos like gangbangers. There are no grooming standards anymore in the NFL. Players clearly have too much political power. This would be unheard of in the old days.

-Players are frequently in coaches’ faces arguing, cussing and bellyaching. This was never allowed previously.

-Halftime, particularly at the Super Bowl, has become one, big political statement. Celebrity rock and pop stars make sure of this in their performances.

-The NFL has ruined the sport by changing the rules, for example ejecting defensive players who hit offensive players hard or look like they’re “hunting them down” to hit and hurt them. They’ve done so supposedly to try to lessen the numbers of brain injuries caused by hits especially to the head. The result is more of “a wussie sport”, not a hard-hitting one like hockey. Football was never meant to be “a wussie sport”!

I’ve considered boycotting the NFL for some or all of the above reasons but Kaepernick, Reid and Lane are not three of them.

As for those members and former members of the NYPD and other anti-America blacks and leftists, I think those orgs and individuals should be ashamed of those members.

Anyone who becomes an anti-American and shows it publicly deserves all the negative press he/she gets–no matter how good or great a football player or cop he/she is.