Ann Coulter Turns Against Trump For Outing Jeff Sessions

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Ann Coulter Turns Against Trump For Outing Jeff Sessions

The above is my version of title by Ross Ibbetson at The Daily Mail.

Coulter should be bashing lefty Governors for continuing the Lockdown thru Memorial Day when millions want to flock to the beaches!

Coulter’s anger over Trump’s endorsing Tuberville over Jeff Sessions is unwarranted in that Sessions, while AG, did almost NOTHING about the Invasion from Mexico and Sanctuary Cities and States. It IS true that Sessions helped Trump win the South and thus The White House in 2016, but he did “a disappearing act” as AG.

I can certainly understand Coulter’s frustration with Trump over Immigration. My problem with Trump goes well beyond Immigration–such as Jailbreak and his refusal to go after Sanctuary Cities and States and his signing spending bills that give Amnesty to drug traffickers. His National Jailbreak (The First Act I & II) brought about state-level Jailbreak where left-wing Governors are using every excuse in the book to release inmates. Crime is skyrocketing just about everywhere as a result.