Ann Coulter: Trump’s Great Wall Becomes Trump’s Great Stall

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Ann Coulter: Trump’s Great Wall Becomes Trump’s Great Stall

By Ann Coulter at Breitbart

Here’s what I posted in Comments:

You shouldn’t worry about Texas, Ann! It’s not “going blue” and it never will. Texans stopped the horrific TTC (RINO Rick Perry’s pet project that would have made RINO Rudy Giuliani a gazillionaire) AND they elected the toughest Governor on law and order in modern American history, Greg Abbott. They then reelected Abbott along with Conservatives Lt. Gov. Patrick and AG Ken Paxton. Abbott pushed SB 4 thru an unwilling, RINO-run legislature. Probably because of that, the once powerful House Speaker Joe Straus (who stopped countless attempts at enforcement legislation for years) is out!

A lot of folks are worried about “the Latino vote” but the Voter ID Act in Texas that was upheld by the courts and the fact that only 8% of Latinos vote means we should worry about Texas or Florida. And Florida just made the RINO Scott Senator and DeSantis Governor! Let’s not get too carried away with demographics!

I totally agree with you about Trump and it’s sad. He’s probably going to try to make a deal of wall-funding-for-Amnesty. You can feel that coming. Even Jordan–who failed to get the votes to be Minority Leader–is still pushing The Gang of Four Amnesty that he voted on and that Trump would have signed.

However, I DON’T agree with you about it being “too late” for Republicans (I assume you meant “Conservatives”) to win back the House in 2020 and to elect a Conservative President. Trump never was a Conservative. But Governor Abbott IS and may run against a now-weakened president. I believe Abbott can win the nomination, sweep the South including Florida in 2020 and be our next president. I don’t believe that it’s a forgone conclusion that some leftist Dem will be the next president. However, I can guarantee you that it won’t be Mike Pence or any other pro-Amnesty RINO! Conservative voters still have that ace to play!

Keep your chin up, Ann! Things are never as bad as they seem!