Anatomy Of A Stunner: How Roy Moore Lost An Unlosable Race In Alabama

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Anatomy Of A Stunner: How Roy Moore Lost An Unlosable Race In Alabama

By Guy Benson at

This is by far THE BEST post mortem on the Roy Moore loss.

I agree that Trump can’t be blamed for Moore’s losing. Moore was his own worst enemy. Trump had endorsed his opponent in the primary, Luther Strange.

There is no doubt that Stephen Bannon will be damaged by this but he’s not running for office. Again, Judge Moore was his own worst enemy.

Regarding Moore, it is being said that his interview with Hannity early on after the  accusations came in hurt him. His responses were hardly appropriate for those supporters wanting him to “come clean”. These accusations–even though 40 year’s old–made it easy for Strange supporters to stay home, write-in a third person or cross over.

The race card wasn’t played in this election, strangely enough. The accusations were enough to give Jones the win. Benson mentions Moore’s position that “homosexuals should be locked up for committing sodomy” may have hurt him but probably not as much as the many female accusers.

Some are saying now that his quoting bible and verse and “God” also made it easy for some Republicans to stay home, cross over or write-in someone else. But we musn’t forget that Alabama–while not as Evangelically “heavy” as Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee–is between 41% and 50% Evangelical. Quoting “God” probably didn’t hurt Moore very much.