An Important Question For Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder

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An Important Question For Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder

By Dave Levine

In The L.A. Times video interview you did recently and posted on your Facebook page, you mentioned Criminal Justice Reform (aka The First Step Act). Daniel Horowitz has called CJR “Jailbreak”. I call it “National Jailbreak” as it applied only to federal drug trafficker-inmates. President Trump still boasts about signing that bill, yet 36 House Conservatives voted against it while the House RINOs voted for it joining all House Democrats in passing it. It was done for political reasons–to win black votes for Republicans. Trump ended up getting just 1% more black votes in 2020 than he did in 2016.

The Act released 4,000 federal inmates after serving half of their sentences and halved the sentences of many others. One of the released federal inmates went out and murdered an innocent man in a bar in Maryland. Another raped an innocent young woman yet the MSM didn’t tell us about these. I posted those stories here on this blog. These were only the REPORTED crimes of the Released federal inmates from The First Step Act. RINOs would probably call it “collateral damage”.

As you know, Larry, Governors of blue states–Newsom, Cuomo and others–began releasing state inmates after Trump signed The First Step Act. Newsom released 18,000 and plans to release more. Some of those released were rapists and other serious felons. Crime shot up and is still high particularly in those blue states.

My question to you…Do you support The First Step Act and if so, what is the difference between Trump’s releasing 4,000 federal inmates (many who carried guns in the commission of their crimes) and Newsom’s 18,000 state inmates?