An Amnesty Law Now Will End The Nation As We’ve Known It

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An Amnesty Law Now Will End The Nation As We’ve Known It

By Dave Levine

At Breitbart, I posted the following response to Neil Munro’s report of Ryan’s manipulating Trump’s Four Pillars Amnesty to pass it quickly thru the House:

Any Amnesty bill passed by the House before the November Election will ensure that the GOP loses the House. If the GOP loses the House, Trump may very well be impeached by House members in January.

Neither Ryan nor the other RINOs planning the demise of their party realize how serious this is to Conservatives. Ryan & Co are assuming that Trump is so popular that Conservative voters won’t stay home on November 6th allowing Pelosi to take over. In this, they are greatly mistaken.

Trump’s Four Pillars Amnesty is unacceptable to Conservative voters. While it is true that it was the Democrats who shot the idea of it down months ago, Conservative voters hadn’t had their say. On November 6th, they’ll have that say! Ryan, Issa and other RINOs aren’t running for reelection. If the non-retiring RINOs running the GOP (McCarthy, Meadows, McCaul and others) think that they’re endearing themselves to Conservative voters by ramming an unwanted, nation-destroying Amnesty down Americans’ throats, they have a rude awakening coming!

Some are saying that McConnell won’t allow an Amnesty bill to get to the floor of the Senate this year. With millions in Koch Bros money at stake, I would think that McConnell’s feigned “obstruction” is just that–feigned. Perhaps he really means it. Only McConnell knows for sure. If the RINO-controlled Senate passes the Amnesty bill, it’s up to Trump to sign it or veto it. If it has $25 billion in wall funding, he may sign it.

I’ve already stated what will happen in the House if the House Republicans pass an Amnesty bill. If the Senate passes it, the GOP could very well lose both chambers. If Trump is foolish enough to sign it, he can forget about 2020. Notice that none of these RINOs are mentioning the fact that the Invasion will increase markedly with illegals breaking in to get the next Amnesty. Kris Kobach, ICE Director Homan and others have written about this recently.

The bottom line? An Amnesty law now will end our nation as we’ve known it.

Can Conservatives stop it? Where is NumbersUSA, CIS, FAIR and other anti-Amnesty groups? Where is the outrage? Is Rep. Steve King the only “Paul Revere” in Congress trying to save the nation and his party from disaster?