Amnesty Is Kaput In 2018–But What About 2019?

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Amnesty Is Kaput In 2018–But What About 2019?

By Dave Levine

Amnesty is kaput this year. After the summer recess, Congress will be getting ready for the November Midterm Election.

With today’s humiliating (121-301) loss by Ryan, McCarthy, Scalise, McCaul, Goodlatte and other pro-Amnesty RINOs (who defied the voters in order to please their Chamber and BigAg handlers), the chances of an Amnesty bill passing the House are slim and none. Rumors about the bill’s demise turned out to be true.

Trump says he wants to see “more Republicans in Congress” in 2019 and that means reelecting the RINOs already in the House but that is hardly “a given”. 121 RINOs–and not one Conservative–voted for Ryan’s Amnesty. While some who voted for Amnesty are retiring, most of the 121 are running for reelection. The Democrats take back the House if they win 23 new seats. On the positive side, it doesn’t appear that any Conservative congressmen are retiring–only RINOs.

We almost had an Amnesty bill pass the House! This is no time for complacency!

The new Congress will be sworn in around January 22, 2019. 2019 is not an election year and if RINOs replace Democrats in the November Election, there will be more support for Amnesty next year.

We’ll have to keep our eyes open in case the RINO House leadership tries to sneak Amnesty into the 2019 calendar. I don’t know that electing Rep. Jim Jordan as Speaker would fully stop the Amnesty push (Jordan strongly supported The Gang of Four (Goodlatte) Amnesty bill).

Electing an anti-Amnesty Conservative as Speaker like Rep. Steve King would guarantee that Amnesty would never get to the House floor.