ALERT: House Conservatives MUST Block The DREAM Act Amnesty HR 3440 But Instead, I’m Hearing ‘Crickets’

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ALERT: House Conservatives MUST Block The DREAM Act Amnesty HR 3440 But Instead, I’m Hearing ‘Crickets’

By Dave Levine

There are consequences to what a nation does yet those running the GOP are more concerned with pleasing the Chamber and of being called “meanies” for enforcing our Immigration laws than doing the right thing.

If House Conservatives–of which there are between 30 and 60 members–don’t stop the Roybal-Allard/Ros-Lehtinen DREAM Act of 2017 known as HR 3440, the consequences will be great both to them, the GOP and President Trump who I am sure would sign it. Most importantly, it will also be terrible for the nation.

First, the GOP. Passing the DREAM Act–which is an Amnesty bill for 1.25 million illegal aliens if you include their parents–will cost the Republican Party control of the Senate and an unknown number of House seats next year as Conservative voters will vote out as many RINOs as they can. It may even cost them the House. Conservative voters will not forget the lies and deception and will vote them out either in the primaries or crossover and vote for the Democrat in the Midterm.

I’m no fan of the GOP and have been a rabid Independent Conservative since 1996 but I’ve supported Conservative House Republicans for years. Yet these House Conservatives are about to blow it big-time with Conservative voters. All I’m hearing from them–save for Rep. Steve King (R-IA)–is crickets. It seems they are giving in to The DREAM Act Amnesty.

Second, President Trump will lose support from his Conservative base–the only support he has left–by signing The DREAM Act Amnesty. Ending DACA is one thing; signing a legal DACA Amnesty (which is what the DREAM Act is) is quite another. It will be stabbing his base in the back. Some will continue to support him, of course. He can say, “I ended DACA as promised” but ending DACA and then signing The DREAM Act Amnesty is still being stabbed in the back! Trump can stop The DREAM Act with a veto but he won’t–he will bow to political pressure.

The consequence to the nation is something far more serious. DACA illegals are the children of illegal alien parents. Those “children” are actually teens and adults up to 35 years of age. By giving them and their parents Amnesty, Congress and Trump will be sending a message to the millions of would-be illegals around the world and particularly in Mexico and Central America to “Come and get it!” Millions of new illegals will pay the Cartel to be smuggled into the U.S. and the Invasion from Mexico will once again be a tsunami. Moreover, those 1.25 DREAM Act Amnestied illegals will continue competing with Americans for much-needed jobs. By my estimates, there are currently 50 to 60 million illegals in the U.S. Don’t fall for that “11 million” b.s.!

What should we do with DREAMER illegals? Send them packing with their illegal alien parents! Illegals are illegal. Calling them “DREAMERs” doesn’t change that.

The wall will probably never be built. Funding for the wall is controlled by Congress and there are very few in Congress who want it built. The only thing that will stop the Invasion is 1) enforcement of our Immigration laws and, as Judge Roy Moore states, 2) Army troops on the Border. But Trump would rather send those troops to Afghanistan than to the Border with Mexico. And so, the Invasion from Mexico continues.

Sadly, The DREAM Act Amnesty is showcasing cracks in Immigration Patriot armor as well. Longtime opponent of Amnesty Ira Mehlman of FAIR, is now saying he’d accept it. Mehlman doesn’t speak for me or for 99.9% of Immigration Patriots. I’m expecting other supposed Immigration Patriot leaders to throw in the towel on The DREAM Act Amnesty. I’ll be naming them as they jump on The DREAM Act Amnesty bandwagon.

What will happen to the newly arrived illegals who break into our country with their children? Will those millions of illegal alien children be given Amnesty as well? The DREAM Act sets A TERRIBLE PRECEDENT for lawbreaking and illegal immigration IS “lawbreaking”! It has to be stopped!

There needs to be a very strong “pushback” against The DREAM Act Amnesty. Instead, I hear “crickets” from Congressional Conservatives and not enough resistance from Conservatives outside of D.C.

I hope this ALERT wakes some sleeping Conservative voters up.

Please help me STOP THE DREAM ACT AMNESTY! The House version is HR 3440. The Senate version is S.1615. These bills MUST be stopped!

Thank you!

Dave Levine
The Dave Levine Show