Advocates: President Trump Risks George W. Bush’s Suicide-By-Amnesty

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Advocates: President Trump Risks George W. Bush’s Suicide-By-Amnesty

By Neil Munro at Breitbart

Here’s what I posted below this in Comments:

As good a report as this is my Munro, he completely failed to mention 2012…Romney yelling over Obama (at the second presidential debate), “I’ll do it–first year! I’ll get it done!” referring to Amnesty. That cost Romney Conservative votes and the Election. Munro also failed to mention 2018…when Conservative voters stayed home and booted 37 House RINOs who voted for Amnesty and/or signed The Discharge Petition (a backdoor Amnesty). Trump isn’t learning from history. He apparently wants to repeat it.

Munro also fails to mention what I also posted there:

He also gave us Justice Roberts who gave us homosexual marriage and Obamacare! Worse, he let 25 million illegals in during his 8 years.

And he failed to mention this about Amnesty:

The thing about Amnesty a lot of folks don’t know/don’t realize…it’s PERMANENT! There’s no “going back”! Reagan had Alzheimer’s towards the end of his second term. It’s possible that played a roll in his signing the 1986 Amnesty but I doubt it.

And this about voting over and over again for RINOs (anti-Conservatives) and expecting a different result each time:

There’s also the Einstein principle here…voting again and again for those who betray you and expecting a different result!

Munro fails to mention that Bush had already won reelection (in 2004) when he pushed Amnesty bills in the Senate in 2007 and 2008. That’s the main difference with Trump who is looking like a one-termer.