ACC Bowl Teams 8-3 And One Of Those Losses Came Against Stanford In The Sun Bowl

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ACC Bowl Teams 8-3 And One Of Those Losses Came Against Stanford In The Sun Bowl

Let’s give Stanford credit. They beat North Carolina in the Sun Bowl in part without their starting QB and then without a QB by overusing the Wildcat. They won by gutty defense–in particular the play of their star DT Solomon Thomas and special teams. They beat an 8-4 ACC team. Only one Pac-12 team won a bowl game over an ACC team–Stanford (Utah beat a Big 12 team in Indiana as did USC vs Penn State).

The 9-3 Stanford had beaten USC and had an identical record to USC. They should have been in the Rose Bowl. As I’ve written before, USC was chosen over Stanford because they beat Washington and Washington beat Stanford. Stanford, in my humble opinion, was gypped!

Incidentally, had Stanford played Penn State on the natural turf in the Rose Bowl instead of North Carolina in the Sun Bowl, Stanford QB Keller Chryst wouldn’t have have torn his right knee up.

Moreover, had Stanford played Iowa in the Holiday Bowl as some predicted would be the match-up (it went to Washington State losing to Minnesota), Stanford would have cleaned Iowa’s clock–again. Iowa’s QB Beathard (who Stanford mauled in last year’s Rose Bowl) is damaged goods and looked just as bad against Florida today as he did against Stanford. And on that note, Beathard is not pro material! These idiot tv sportscasters calling him “a great QB” is total b.s.! He makes horrible decisions, throwing into double and triple coverage and has no mobility.