Aaron Rogers Wins MVP But Doesn’t Deserve It

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Aaron Rogers Wins MVP But Doesn’t Deserve It

By Dave Levine

I’m a Packer fan. I LOVE Aaron Rogers, but facts are facts.

For 3.75 quarters, Rogers stunk up the place in the playoff game against the 49ers that cost the Pack their season. He couldn’t do anything right. He refused to scramble. He took sack after sack. Surely, a lot of blame has to go to the Packer front line. Just on the basis of the performance against the 49ers, he doesn’t deserve to be MVP. But I realize it’s meant only for the regular season games.

Like I said, I LOVE Aaron Rogers…but his poor play cost the Packers their season in the playoff game at home in 10-degree temperature. Why did he perform so poorly? That has yet to be explained.