9 Days To Go To Defeat The Maniac

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9 Days To Go To Defeat The Maniac

By Dave Levine

Late last year, I decided to invest over $3,000 to try to stop Donald Trump from becoming President. That figure was and still is a lot of money to me as I haven’t worked in over 2.5 years.

I knew that Senator Cruz wasn’t going to get the GOP nomination. I saw the Establishment GOP going from Rubio to Trump. I also saw supposedly Conservative anti-Amnesty Sen. Jeff Sessions, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Kris Kobach endorse the pro-Amnesty maniac Trump and I knew it would be a difficult fight.

I decided I needed to return to doing my weekly AM radio show in Southern California and I made it a #NeverTrump show. I got active on the #NeverTrump blogs. I had to get the message out that “Trump must not become President!”

In that process, I lost a lot of “friends” who had gone over to The Dark Side backing a sociopath with 3,500 lawsuits against him including a teen rape suit from 1994 with a witness to that rape (some call it “child rape”) and a class action suit against his phony Trump University that bilked thousands of retirees out of their life savings. Unfortunately, Trump’s lawyers were able to get those suits heard well after November 8th. This was 10 months before the stories from other women who he had sexually assaulted came out.

Now, we’re about to elect this monster as President because his opponent may have had an email problem as Secretary of State (although we were told by the FBI Director back in July that this did not come to the level of an indictment) and has been (along with Bernie Sanders) the much-hated leader of the left. The timing of Comey’s change of mind one week before the Election is suspect and smacks of a Republican “October Surprise”. This decision did not come from the Democrats.

I have disliked and loathed Hillary Clinton–along with her p.o.s. husband–for many years from even before I became a Conservative. She embodies everything I abhor but the #1 reason is her continued push for Amnesty for 50 million-plus illegal aliens using anchor babies/children/breaking up families as the reason. She has no concept of law and order nor does she care what that Amnesty will do to our nation.

So, why am I #NeverTrump? Two reasons. First, having his fingers on the nuclear football that follows the President wherever he goes. Trump is a maniac, a sociopath and a vicious reactionary. Through his “goons”, he has threatened delegates in the primaries and at the Republican National Convention. Someone with his mental state must not be elected President! Second, his “touchback” Amnesty (authored by former congressman Mike Pence) will destroy the nation.

Since both Hillary and Trump are unacceptable over their pro-Amnesty positions, it’s the Trump power over our nukes that worries me most as it should other Americans. He has done nothing to dissuade me from that belief.

Looking forward, if Hillary squeaks out a win on November 8th, my guess is she will face a Republican Congress. It appears Rubio will win reelection as will McCain and the Senate will remain in GOP hands. With a Hillary win, the House too will remain in Republican hands. The Senate may push its Amnesty bill again but the House and pro-Amnesty Speaker Paul Ryan will likely stop it as former Speaker John Boehner did, not wanting to give the Democrat President that victory.

However, President Trump will get his Amnesty thru the House as “a gift” from Republicans there and so goes America down the toilet. This was the reason most Conservatives stayed home in 2008 and 2012 as both McCain and Romney promised Amnesty.

The 1986 Reagan Amnesty gave 3.5 million illegals Amnesty. This Amnesty will give us 50 to 70 million new,┬ánon-English-speaking, unassimilating citizens many of them on the backs of taxpayer-citizens. Don’t believe the “11 million” figure constantly quoted for the past 10 years by politicians–it’s 50 million-plus!

2020 will be too late for a possible Conservative President to remove these millions of illegals and anyway, with so many aliens legalized, there’s no chance that a Conservative will ever be elected President as Democrats will try (and succeed) in getting these 50 million-plus former illegals the right to vote. Once these millions of illegals are naturalized, you can kiss America good-bye.

And there’s a third reason to oppose Trump: Trump will destroy the Conservative movement or what’s left of it. With President Hillary, there will be a chance we can rebuild it though I believe the million or so Trumpsters will not be a part of that movement.

Do you see now why Donald Trump MUST NOT become President? I ask you to carry this to Election Day and help DEFEAT the Maniac!

We can survive four years of Hillary; we may not survive four years of Trump.