Five Observations About The Cruz Endorsement And The Future Of #NeverTrump

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Five Observations About The Cruz Endorsement And The Future Of #NeverTrump

A nice piece by Kurtinitis but I don’t agree with him about #NeverTrump “not being a movement”. As of today, the movement is shattered into those who forgive Cruz and those who don’t. Then there are those who believe that the only thing matters is keeping Trump from winning.

In my opinion, #NeverTrump Patriots will know what to do and will do it. We didn’t come this far just to give up!

By Joel Kurtinitis at The Liberty Conservative

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  1. pinecone says:

    I have a nit or two to pick with the above linked article. There is no such thing as a Conservatarian. The Libertarian utopia cannot, and does not exist in a traditional conservative definition. Reagan defined the three plank stool, and the importance of giving each plank equal weight, but the meaning of what it is to be a conservative was around even long before Reagan, with the writings of those like Burke and Kirk and Chesterton that predates Reagan. It is a way of life rather than a political platform or ideology.

    I’ve long considered Glenn Beck to have more than a toe dipped into the Libertarian idea, rather he leans so far in that direction, or did, that he has fallen over into the Libertarian ditch. I stopped listening to Beck back when the building of a mosque at ground zero was taking up all of the ink and airwaves. Beck said that he believed that the mosque should go forward because the person who owned the property had the right to allow anything he wanted to be built there, because it was his personal property. He also said at the time that his religion demanded that he love everyone, including all of the Muslims, because they were humans made in God’s image, even as they killed more than 3,000 Americans, and were persecuting the Christians who refused to convert, so they had to die. Beck’s argument was based strictly on the law and legality rather than on morals, or just even good common sense. I started listening to Beck’s radio show again when he tagged Trump for exactly who he is, even long before he endorsed Cruz.

    Last week Beck said something that in my mind was quite profound, given his past penchant for what sounded like purity tests. He said that he wanted so much to believe in the Libertarian utopia, and left one hanging with the belief that Beck finally accepted that that utopia cannot and does not exist. Then as Beck usually does often, he jumped the shark yet again with indicating that he likely will vote for the total nutjob Gary Johnson. A guy that is to the left of Trump and Hillary on some issues, but hey he may just vote for the guy that would jail people for not baking gay or nazi cakes, who has adopted Global Warming, and the very same guy who had to explain that he quit smoking weed because it wasn’t a good look for a president of the United States. It appears that Johnson has had a relapse.

    The first time I heard the tag Conservatarian was when Rand Paul called himself a Conservatarian. That came as Paul was in the gutter, in polling at least. Paul flipped and flopped his way through his short lived campaign. I understand that Cruz gained many of the former Ron Paul libertarians because they didn’t know what to believe that Rand stood for. Paul convinced a large number of the naive youth that there was in fact a fed gov. official listening in on every single one of their phone calls, which was fear mongering and stupid. He did his filibuster on the Senate floor against government spying, a worthy goal to be sure, but then told Hannity on his radio show that he would have no problem if a gov. drone took out a robber coming out of a liquor store, with 50 bucks and a gun in his pocket. Paul also made it clear that he supported amnesty, that we would never deport all of the illegals, and then tried to say that he never said that. Paul deserved to race to the bottom of the pack.

    Because someone believes in smaller government, less taxes, and fiscal responsibility does not a Conservative make them, it just further dilutes the meaning, and completely ignores the cultural rot on steroids, as well as ignoring the in your face fact that isolationism, where you don’t poke your nose in the affairs of other countries, only makes America a sitting duck just ripe to be taken over by those that hate our guts, because we are not a people who conform to their demands. With the rise of ISIS and other terrorist groups before them, one would think that you would not look to support the nations security with “just a few good submarines”, as Ron Paul had suggested years prior. Rand Paul started out as a guy who had more sense and sanity than dear old dad, but he proved to be the apple that didn’t fall far from the tree.

    It is my personal opinion that the Ron Paul “R3volution” did more damage and harm to what the Americans experiment has always meant to be, with a mantra that I’ve heard way to many times from the Paul supporters- “if it doesn’t pick my pocket, or break my leg, I don’t care what you do.” In other words if you want to have sex with your mother or brother, or your dog, hey have at it, no problem. If you want to open a nightclub or a brothel in your home, no problem, it’s your personal property and you can do anything you wish with it, who cares about all of the neighbors, they can move if they don’t like it.

    Yes, with Beck now saying that he wanted to believe in the Libertarian utopia, but indicating now that it can’t exist, was a big statement to me. Hopefully he now realizes that he helped to create a monster that was a terrible mistake, that has only assisted in someone like Trump rising out of the ashes in the gutter.

    There is no such thing as a Conservatarian. It’s a fallacy only meant to further dilute the American experiment that our founders believed was a system only for a moral people, and was wholly inadequate for any other.

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