11 Days Till We Lose The Internet…

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11 Days Till We Lose The Internet…

Just 11 days left, folks, unless Congress stops this sell-out by Obama, the Democrats, and their RINO pals across the aisle!

By Senator Ted Cruz


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  1. AFVet4America says:

    How about this? I wouldn’t want them to get in any hurry. Sen Cruz has been fighting this for months.
    GOP launches last-minute push to stop Obama from transferring control of the Internet

    Top House and Senate lawmakers are engaged in a last-minute push to block the United States government from handing control of the Internet to a private, global organization.

    Facing a Sept. 30 deadline, lawmakers opposed to the transition are lobbying the Obama administration to halt the move.

    Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who is perhaps the staunchest congressional opponent to the handoff, said he is “cautiously optimistic” a rider prohibiting the transfer will be included in a must-pass government spending bill that is expected to become law by Sept. 30, the same date the transfer is supposed to take place.

    Cruz this month delivered an impassioned speech denouncing the move, which would transfer control to a multi-stakeholder, nonprofit called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN.

    “If the Obama administration hands control of the Internet over to this international organization, it’s not like the next president can magically snap his or her fingers and bring it back,” Cruz said. “Unscrambling those eggs may well not be possible
    Just an excerpt, the rest can be read at the Washington Examiner.

  2. AFVet4America says:

    Such a serious problem for us, and the MSM isn’t even talking about it. God Bless Sen Cruz for standing up for America once again.

  3. N0T2L8 says:

    Sure hope this gets stopped but with the spineless gopE and the Cruz haters in DC I fear freedom is about to suffer another blow.

    BTW… Great job on the new site here Dave.

    • Dave Levine says:

      Thanks, NOT2L8! Jan did a terrific job and it’s still a work-in-progress. We enjoy having you!

      • N0T2L8 says:

        I’ve deleted so many “conservative” sites from my bookmarks this year that I don’t have many left and I always enjoyed your posts on TRS so it just seems right to make your site a daily go to.
        Hope it continues to grow right along with your radio show. Thanks for having me.

        • Dave Levine says:

          That’s very nice of you to say, NOT2L8! It’s been nice seeing you here. Hope you stick around and help us grow!

          My station’s Dir. of Marketing tells me the Show is leading other shows on soundcloud (computer listeners) and on livestream viewers. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive to get Nielsen Ratings but I’ll bet they’re good–thanks to listeners like you!

        • I’m glad you’re here, invite your friends to visit the site the more comments the better IMO. Different but like minded views on these topics help us all to sort out how America is thinking.

        • I am hoping right along with you NOT2L8

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